Garden 2.0

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We’ve been enjoying a streak of above-normal temperatures for the past week, and today seemed like a good day to work on getting the garden ready for planting. We learned a few things from last year’s garden, and one thing we’ve decided is to put the tomato plants in Earth Boxes this year. The deck gets full sun and seems like a good place for them. They got so big last year they shaded the peppers and eggplants and probably soaked up most of the nutrients in the raised bed. Hopefully the new plan will keep things under control a bit better.

tilled-gardenAfter I raked the dead leaves out from around the bed (they spent the winter trapped between the bed itself and the deer fencing), I cleaned out the bed, and turned the soil over. I was happy to discover that the bed is full of earthworms. While I’m not crazy about finding them in my escarole (that’s a long story for another time), I do recognize their worth in a vegetable garden. Once the soil was turned over, I raked it smooth and then took some samples from various points in the bed. The samples were mixed together and will now go to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, where they will analyze it (for free!) and tell us what we need in the way of soil amendments before we begin planting.

germinating-acornsAnother very cool thing about gardening is the up close and personal view you get of the persistence of life. The bed, like the rest of the yard, was full of acorns. A lot of them, left to their own devices, were in the process of becoming trees. Now they’re trees interrupted, of course, but someday one of these little guys will grow up to be a mighty oak like the one that graces our yard.


2 Responses to “Garden 2.0”

  1. I wish I could garden. Living in Miami, in a condo, does not allow for much gardening. Having 4 cats that attack with incredible ferocity any green vegetation that enters the home nixes any ideas of even growing indoor herbs. I cannot even buy my wife flowers because it’s a total waste of money.

    Earthworms in the escarole…sounds yummy!

    I am a huge proponent of organic sustainable foods and seafood. As a cook I think we hold the key to really educating the public on what is happening to our planet. People just don’t realize that this is a shared living environment and that the policy of passing the buck is at an end.

    Look forward to following you here Lisa. Have a great weekend! Cheers…

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for stopping by, Lazaro! If your condo has a deck, consider planting something in a pot — I understand completely about cats and vegetation, having two of the critters myself. My husband and I aren’t exactly “yard people” so the garden surprised even us, but we’re looking forward to doing it again this year.


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